Hi! Thanks for dropping by!

I’m Relja Dereta, a student of Japanese in Serbia. That sounds cooler than it really is, believe you me.

I’m interested in language teaching and learning, both in class and out of it, both individually and in groups… so let’s just say language education in general. The majority of this blog will be devoted to that very broad and important issue.

There will also be, undoubtedly, as the pretentious spirit of blogging slowly overtakes me, observations about education in general, life, purpose of said life and similar topics on which everyone hip should have an opinion and express it in his blag.

One of my two important projects right now is an experimental classroom for learning English as a second language at my Faculty of Philology. Take a look when you have the time. All comments are greatly appreciated.

In case you have any further questions, feel free to drop me a line at sagefromrage AT gee-mail dot com.

Onwards to the posts


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Biljana Says:

    That sounds cooler than it really is, believe you me – jashta kada ti je Kajo chief … 😉
    Anyway, zaista, problem je nedostatak prakse, no, to je generalno ‘slucaj’ sa srpskim Univerzitetom; zavrseni/diplomirani profesor = 100% teoreticar, a praxa 0/zero … Mada, iako mi se svidja ova tvoja ideja i to mnogo, smatram da javni pljuc na nas racun je nekako too much, onako cisto iz ljubavi prema onome sto vise nismo …
    Mogu da ti update-ujem svasta nesto za lakse ucenje engleskog ako si interesting in 🙂
    poz, 🙂

  2. G’day Relja! I’m a Serbian-Australian student of Japanese in Australia 🙂 Koliko ima studenata japanskog u Bgd-u? Ovde u Kanberi na faklutetu ima oko 300, a u celoj zemlji najmanje 30,000 (japanski je uglavnom jedini strani jezik koji se uci u osnovnoj skoli ovde [osim francuskog ili indonezijskog jezika]). Poz.

  3. uchideshi Says:

    G’day 🙂

    I godinu upise oko 50 brucosa, pa se vremenom osipa broj… tako da bih rekao nekih 250 – 300. U svakom slucaju previse, ali to je standardna boljka na nasem faksu.

    Kako su organizovani casovi kod vas?

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